Avalon Valencia

Avalon Valencia is a native of the Yakima Valley and began dancing at the age of 3. She played sports, cheered, and danced for Sunnyside HS and began teaching hip hop classes and choreographing competition routines for Spotlight Studio in Zillah during her senior year. She continued teaching dance for two more years. At that time, she was also attending the University of Washington in Seattle, where she earned a degree in Public Health and a minor in Dance. She studied abroad in Ghana, Ecuador, and Italy, where she engaged in cross-cultural exchanges of dance and public health/social work in schools. In graduate school at the UW, she traveled to Tahiti for a similar program involving dance and cross-cultural studies, as well as Oaxaca, MX for an intensive program on dance, yoga, and social justice. Since graduating with her Masters in Clinical Social Work, she’s been working as a mental health therapist and has recently returned to the Yakima Valley to provide school-based mental health services to high school students. Being a part of the SunKings Dance Team is her way of continuing do what she loves and be involved with her community.

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